It is clear! She is NOT the weakest link!

This woman is a strong woman. She is a strong Black woman who, time after time, has come through on The Celebrity Apprentice. EVERYONE is after her!!! EVERYONE! Why? Because she is strong? Because she is effective in communication, leadership and business manipulation? She has the characteristics of being an effective leader with un-paralleled skills. As a matter of fact, her leadership skills have been so good, she has even surprised the great Donald Trump and his board-as revolving as it is. She is hard working and likes to win-Just like Trump. She doesn’t get personal and goes for the goal and objective of the mission-just like Trump. Sometimes, she is even cut-throat-just like Trump. She is NOT a follower but will follow an effective leader-just like Trump. She has had and has MANY jealous, envious, competitive opponents who are unfair in their approach who continuously try and take her down. How good is she? Besides escaping being fired time after time, Donald Trump AND his crew have jumped on board to try and get her fired! They have second-guessed the choices of the project managers instead of giving Omarosa praise. They have asked the leaders to think about their decision not to fire Omarosa again and again and again instead of giving Omarosa praise. They have chided and berated individuals who THEY say are afraid of standing up to Omarosa. They have now even fired the project manager who THEY feel didn’t have the guts to fire Omarosa like other project managers before her. Is this fair? Do they ever feel like while they’re giving money to charities and bullying projects that they are actually bullying this one person who has NO ONE on her side? Never has there been a case where the clients have said that Omarosa was the weakest link..but still…EVERYONE wants her fired. How is that fair? Other individuals before Omarosa have been more throat-cutting, mean, insulting, offensive, deceitful, than Omarosa has EVER been…but never EVER have I seen such a mutiny develop, unfairly against such a formidable individual. How is she so much worse than ANY OTHER participant in the show’s history? Why should she be fired, according to the others? Because no one LIKES her. Really? That’s a good reason to fire someone like her in such a competitive program? And why don’t they like her? She continues to win for them. Is it because her confidence is seen as arrogant? Is it because she is so good at being a leader because THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES FOR A LIVING and it shows? Well, shouldn’t it be that way? And…wait for it..she should be fired because everyone is AFRAID of her…EVERYONE is AFRAID of this black, formidable, female leader who is an AWESOME leader! She is portrayed as a Bully…when in fact, there are other bullies on the team who hide in her shadow. They have not only attacked her character, they have attacked the legitimacy of her tears….the ones that fell in the memory of her late fiancé and THAT to me, is a despicable move by Latoya Jackson. AFRAID of her leadership aptitude and competence rather than elevated in stature, like most men receive. Think about it, the ENTIRE show is built around one developer who is cut-throat and on NATIONAL TV, FIRES PEOPLE! I do not know Donald Trump personally, but he himself has said that he has gotten this far because of his brass tactics….yes…just like Omarosa! This, ladies and gentleman, this display of bullying in all its disgust, is a great example of how STEREOTYPING, along discriminatory image portrayals and analysis, continues to plague women leaders…especially black women leaders…but at the same time, I have the same feeling and position when it comes to the way Rosie O’Donnell was attacked…no one came to her defense as well. I have written about this is an earlier blog. So it appears women still have the burden of having to be LIKED in order to be seen as an effective leader…OUTLOUD!!!!??? Ridiculous! As far as I am concerned, Omarosa Manigault is already the winner, no matter the outcome, because she has continued to rise above the fray of such vicious-BULLYING attacks that have now recruited and incorporated Donald Trump, his son, and sometimes, even Arsenio Hall. And forget about Piers Morgan…he has admitted to totally despising how can he be objective? He can’t. And still, Omarosa prevails! Time and time again, individuals are allowed to viciously attack Omarosa and I say, to learn from her, about toughness. When was the last time Donald Trump was sitting in front of a board and berated so? Does he know how this feels? If so, has he forgotten and has he lost his compassion? Whether it’s Omarosa or anyone else, bullying is bullying on national TV, local TV, in the classroom, on the street, in the home…what have you…in my eyes…it is wrong and should not be supported or tolerated. If she is fired…at this time…it is because the rest of crew cannot handle her leadership abilities and competency and have their own prejudices to deal with and their jealousy. THEY are afraid of Donald Trump! Not Omarosa and you will see the results of this bullying in the next few shows if things do not change. She will be fired because the “leaders” have been pressured into it not by her antics…she will be taken down by every member who accuses her without evidence, with the Trump stamp of approval. When this happens, he might even reward the person who fired her because someone finally did it and not because she actually deserved it. Just because someone says, at one point, that she is one of the weakest players, does not mean that she is the weakest player when it is all said and done. People CAN change their minds and more people should probably try and follow suit. When it came down to it, everyone that COULD HAVE fired Omarosa, saw that she did a great job and COULD NOT fire her because when it came to decision time, she was obviously NOT the weakest link…not to add that the project managers had THEIR OWN objectives. They wanted to win so they kept her. Good decision. For the individuals who don’t see her marvelous ability to lead, for those of you who stand around and watch her being bullied show after show and never utter a word because you’re afraid of standing outside the spiral of silence, afraid to stand up to the TRUMP tower himself,  shame on you…but I understand your dilemma. Who could defend Omarosa when it is not the popular thing to do? It is Bullying at its best, live and in color! Well, I WILL stand up and not be afraid and put it into the stratosphere….because this type of behavior has been allowed to flourish and continue and  because it is your show, Donald Trump…guess what? YOU’RE the weakest link…. YOU’RE FIRED! Carry on Omarosa!

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  1. I don’t watch that show. Your post confirms my impression of it: a forum to bully and humiliate the people rash enough to participate.

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