Girls will be Girls…

So, I was just thinking…sometimes Americans talk about the “devastating,” “traumatic,” “barbaric,” “mutilating,” “disgusting,” “Third World,” “uncivilized,”  ritual practice of female “castration” or “mutilation”  that occur in other countries. We run to their “rescue.” We run to their defense like we know what is best. Yet, during these discussions there is little to  NO reference at all to OUR OWN practices of molestation, rape and abuse that happens to females every day, of every year, of every century in this “civilized” world we call America. Hmmm…so, I’m wondering, what are the REAL big differences-elements of distinction? Are we really all that different? Do we have our own sanctified and protected ways of attempts to kill the soul of such innocent victims (targets)? Ritual vs. mutilation. Rights of the female body dictated by the individual female vs. rights of the female body dictated by others. Wrong vs. Right. Does it all just really come down to a matter of perspective? I’m just asking… 

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