And so another day….

And so another day has come and is now heading out the backdoor to make room for tomorrow…Friday..

Yes, I was impassioned the last time I wrote, yes, I told the truth the last time I wrote and yes, I wrote how I felt….yes…yes…yes…

And so what did I learn today? I learned, once again, that no matter how impassioned I am, no matter how much truth I tell, and no matter how I feel at any given moment, I am always amazed at the blessings that surprise me, when I least expect it … but ones that are so welcoming and moving.

Today, I witnessed the look of love and I was a part of it. Today, I was surrounded by wonderful, beautiful people working together for justice. They were gay, lesbian, black, white, heterosexual, various ages, a melting pot of love. And together, we talked about what would make a wrong-a right—period. Many times I have seen this look of love before. When a black person fights for the justice of a white person, a white for a black, a straight for a gay, a man for a woman, a gay for a straight, and a man for a woman. You get the idea.

Any way, the purpose of these love groups that must be formed, developed and nourished and why they must always exist is because for every prejudice or stereotype you may possess, a group like this challenges it. After being a part of this group, there’s no way you can experience a racist incident and come away with one group is ALWAYS like this and thinks the same way because it’s just not true. There is no way you can feel that men are misogynistic because it’s simply not true…or women are dumb, or gays are no value to society. There is just no way!

So, today, I humbly bow my head in thankfulness for the rainbow tribes of all kinds who continuously bless my life. They are beautiful, loving, kind, and would fight for ANYONE who needed their energy.

God bless them…God bless them all…and God bless DIVERSITY!!!!!!

And so another day is passing

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