“Saving Sarah?”

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How about Saving Journalism? It is important to save the royal figure and I do wish her well. She is doing the work to better her life and a Sense of Self. So, that part is kind of being worked on.

Now let’s look at the issue of Saving Journalism? Shouldn’t there be a discussion about the unethical practice conducted to capture, no,wait…Create the story? Should there be a continued discussion of the depths some “journalists” and some “journalism” companies will sink to exploit someone and then capture it on video and call it journalism? To trap someone? I don’t know, do you think I would be wrong if my assessment concluded that it was wrong for the journalist to take advantage of a woman down on her luck, who needed money, badly and offered her just that…money? Where is the story captured with ethical intent? We used to call this type of journalism practice,”staging.” I think we still do, but I’m not sure. So many questionnable practices are being accepted nowadays.

In the professional journalism industry this form of news-gathering is widely thought of as unethical. The company that upholds this form of journalistic method is viewed as unethical and the journalists who practice such methods, exploiting someone’s weaknesses and despair by setting them up and then benefitting from it all by calling the outcome an example of ethical journalism within the parameters of Ethical Codes, are unethical as well. Should we question the insensitivity between humans even though the discussion is within the realm of journalism…a place some believe such sensitivity is and should be viewed as foreign and displaced within such landscaping?
Just a sip to swish around for a moment. What do you think?

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