Let the Sun go down on me Elton…just for a minute. It’s hot!

It’s January 4, 2014, 2:14 in the morning and I’m up writing on my laptop because I can’t sleep. I woke up rubbing my arms a little and felt something a little different.

IMG_1627Yep, I have a heat rash. When there is no escaping the heat I knew this was bound to happen or at least a good possibility. So, I decided to get up and try and get some fresh air. I’m writing from a sofa out on the back porch. Tomorrow, meaning Monday, first thing in the morning, we will head to Moyamba District for one day. It’s a Province and I’m not sure if it’s going to be any better there. I thought about going out to the front porch, near the ocean breeze but I didn’t want to wake Sylvia up…Mary’s sister that went through the war. I didn’t want her to hear the front door open in the middle of the night, which is something and a sound she may not be used to, and have a flashback. That may not be good for her or me.

One time, back in the states, I remember a group of my friends and I stayed over a friends house after a party .…like a slumber party…locked and tucked neatly in our sleeping bags, sofas, floors, and under our blankets. One of my friends snored so badly that the owner thought a burglar was trying to break through the front door and came down the stairs with a gun! So, I’m not taking any chances, ANYWHERE! Smiling. Any way, I think I’ll go get a paper towel and douse it with cold water-well semi-cold and wipe down my arms.

IMG_1623You’ll be happy to know that I did not freak out or trip. It kind of gave me comfort KNOWING that it’s just a case of heat rash. ….it’s just a heat rash right? RIGHT!!! RIGHT!!!! Huh? Yeah, that’s all it is. Right? Now, it’s itching again. lol….just joking…I need to stop talking about it. Let me go get the paper towels. Until the next time. But I’m not trippin….smiling…Oh…and did I tell you that there is another party going on tonight? Yeppers. Loud music and talking. smiling. And no electricity yet another day…but I’m alive and it’s all good. And….i’m thanking God for the Internet right now. I have a new respect, almost love for the Internet and social media at this point. Loving Steve Jobs, Henry Sampson and others…Thank you Internet and cell phone Gurus! It’s now 3:15 and I’m sleepy again…so off to the heated bed I go…smiling…good night

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  1. Ah…do they have poison ivy or poison oak or the equivalent there?

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