Angels Unawares….


So, there I was, sitting in the waiting room of the International Travel Vaccine Clinic, closely being watched by nurses to see if I was going to pass out or something after getting 3 shots. I began to breathe slowly and quietly to see if I could hear my heart beat. Were my toes numb? Did I have cotton mouth? Was I trippin! Yes…I was…so I took another deep breath and became relaxed and happy that, so far, I wasn’t having any adverse reactions to the sticks of pain. As I was sitting there, I noticed an elderly African American woman sitting next to a young white woman. I watched their interaction and kind of surmised that the younger one was kind of like an escort for the older woman. They talked, but not too much…so, I’m thinking that the younger one was part of a service that picks elderly people up and takes them to their appointments. The elderly woman kind of reminded me of my late mother. Instantly , I wanted to reach out and hug her, talk to her. Then, instead of thinking of my mom…my spirit felt a pulling to her. I instantly wanted to comfort her, hug her, calm her. I don’t know exactly why.  I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling…but I was definitely feeling something because, unbeknownst to be, or at least I wasn’t FULLY aware I was doing it, while all of these thoughts were running through my mind I guess I was staring and smiling straight at her because she smiled at me about 4 times. I thought to myself, how rude of me to stare and not say hello. So, my spirit moved me and so I moved my body and walked over to her. I sat next to her and said…”hi, my name is Janice. How are you today?” “I’m fine,” she replied. I was wondering what overseas vaccine she was going to get today? “How are you? Are you ok today?” “I just love your outfit today. You look very nice, she said.” I told her thank you and immediately felt the connectivity between black people from the old generation and black people of the new generation. Sometimes, old black people will look at someone young and black who has taken the time to dress nicely with admiration and pride. They came from a school of thought that always said to put your best foot forward…like you were doing your best to represent the best of Black people and the culture. I made her proud. That made me feel good. I could tell that she was really proud of me even though she didn’t know me or anything I had done. My spirit then said to pray…so I asked her if it would be ok if I prayed for her and with her. She said, “Oh yes, I would like that very much. Thank you.” And so I did. I wrapped my arm around her and held her hand, pulled her close and began to pray for comfort, strength, courage and healing. After the prayer was over, I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face…and instantly I could also see fear. She was scared. “So,” I began, “what’s going on? how are you feeling?” “I’m not feeling too well,” she said. I have cancer all through my body and they said that they are going to do something called radiation on me.” She looked at me puzzled. “What’s radiation,” she asked? My heart dropped knowing that they had her here for radiation but no one told her what it was. So, as best as I could, I explained it to her and told her the good and bad things about radiation. Touched her with love and then stood up as they called her name. I said bye and take care. She smiled and said bye and for me to take care, she thanked me again for my prayer and then hugged me, once again. Tightly. I was relieved that I had helped her maybe in some way, through prayer, answering her questions, sat with her and held her hand, but I also felt sad because I didn’t know her name, didn’t exchange information, and although she had told me her name, I had forgotten it that day, and I can’t remember it now. I feel, felt sad that there she was sitting in the waiting room, knowing that something inside of her was killing her, that she was at once afraid to pass on, but through prayer, that fear seemed to lighten up a bit on her old soul. At least that is what I hope. I was so happy that I got to bring a little smile to her face, a little pride to her soul, and a little love to her heart. All the things she had given to me without even knowing it. I think of her…I let a few tears fall for her because I don’t know if she is alive…also because she didn’t have family…But, at that moment, I guess I was her family and she was mine. We’re all family when you think about it. We’re all scared of something sometimes on some days. So, sometimes, the comfort of a stranger is all you need.

May an Angel come into your life when those days happen and may you be blessed and be a blessing, an angel for someone else who needs your comfort, love and prayers in the midst of strangers…even in a hospital waiting room. There are angels unawares…

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