Rihanna’s “Man Down”

Who’s to Blame?…

The video

What issues or concerns emerge within the parameters of this “music” video? (music video or rhythmically designed social video?)

We know that in some instances the courts have “failed” to help the victims. Who’s to blame?

Officials, the mothers, the fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, professors, coaches and so on and so on, did nothing to help the victims. Were they blind? Were they victims themselves so they never learned how to protect themselves or, subsequently, others?

Did they choose just to stay out of it? Who’s to blame?

Lesbians are being raped and killed as a “corrective” measure. Where is the help? Who’s to blame?

Rape is being and has been used to control women, men and children throughout history. Who’s to blame?

Is there an effective system of Human Rights set up to protect not only Women but Men and Children, worldwide? Where? Why not?

Who’s to Blame?

Lastly, in connection with this video…and the concept…and the idea… and the questions…when was the last time you saw a woman, man, or child in real life or in the media being molested, raped, abused and there were no repercussions? Was it perhaps in a movie, a “music” video, a book you recently read, what about in the highly protected sanctuary of the religious circles? What about the images in the latest commercial or advertisement to sell tires, perfume, cologne, clothes? Who’s to blame?

Was there any abuse that you witnessed and thought about later? Did you do anything about it? Who’s to blame?

Is the “blaming” question an appropriate one?

Something to sip on…

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