New Study Finds Whites Feel Racism More?

Michael Norton

Michael Norton

Sam Sommers

A new study finds that white people feel that racism against white people has

progressively worsened since 1950.  I think you should read this article and contemplate the issue itself without getting offended and ask yourself these questions…

Is this an illustration of white people feeling what it is like to be a “minority” or “marginalized”?

Do the results illustrate the real feeling of white people simply being victims (out-group/in-group theories)?

What has occurred or may occur as a result of such feelings felt by, for lack of a better phrase, “a race of people who are actually and realistically in power”?

Will white people become more sensitive and empathetic about discrimination of ALL people or will they respond in ways other groups that have been discriminated against have responded in the past, band together to fight the oppressors?

Lastly, are these “oppressors” in a position of power and privilege, is there a real threat, and one last question, at the end of the day will you find yourself understanding that all of this is merely about human emotion that can be felt by any group at any time?

A sip of knowledge to contemplate. Happy reading.

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